Silverfish Pest Control Illinois

Nothing gives you the creeps quite like pulling open a drawer or cupboard to see a little silverfish crawling along inside with your silverware. Silverfish is an ancient insect that can grow up to one inch long. In addition to a distinct “ick” factor that comes from finding silverfish in your house in Illinois, these pests can be destructive and infestations should be eradicated.

About Silverfish in Illinois

Though their shiny silver appearance may creep you out, silverfish are among the oldest insects in the world. Some scientists believe they have survived for about 400 million years and are a species that predate even the dinosaurs. Unlike other insects, silverfish have no wings and continue to shed their skin throughout their adult lives.

Today, silverfish like to find a warm place to live and food to eat by invading your home. They are most active at night, and they are known for destructive eating habits—and their unsettling appearance.

They feed on sugars and starches, which can be found in anything from the glue in books to dead insects and even shampoo. Silverfish aren’t nearly as destructive as termites or dangerous to humans like ticks or bed bugs, but they are a nuisance pest and can cause some property damage. Because they have an appetite for adhesives and glues, silverfish in houses in Illinois can ruin book bindings, clothing, wallpaper, and other papers.

Silverfish can also trigger allergies in some people and may result in infestations of other kinds of pests as well.

Signs of a Silverfish Infestation in Illinois

How do you know if your home has silverfish? Chances are if you spot one silverfish, there are or will be more soon. Just because you see one silverfish doesn’t mean that you’re home is crawling in them, but remember that they multiply quickly. You’re most likely to find them living in your bookshelf, cabinets, pantry, and even clothing drawers. For even more evidence, look for these signs of a silverfish infestation in Illinois:

  • Yellow stains on clothing, books, or wallpaper
  • Tiny pepper-like feces
  • Holes or damage to wallpaper, books, papers, storage boxes, etc.
  • Scales from their shedded skin
  • Holes or damage to boxes with cereals, baking ingredients, and sugary foods

Silverfish can enter your home through gaps in your baseboards, window sills, plaster, or roof. Sometimes silverfish are accidentally brought in on used items, cardboard boxes, or by people who have silverfish in their homes. They also like to hide and lay eggs in these tight spaces. To keep silverfish out of your home, seal any holes or gaps you see inside and outside your home, store your food in airtight containers, and rotate your baking ingredients regularly. Vacuum your carpets and upholstery often, don’t leave food sitting out too long, and have your home regularly inspected and treated for pests.

How To Get Rid of Silverfish

Once you’ve discovered a silverfish infestation, don’t panic. You aren’t stuck with these creepy crawlers as roommates for life. The sooner you realize they are in your home, the sooner you can get rid of them. Because silverfish are most active at night, infestations can go on for months without being detected.

Some stores sell sprays or traps to get rid of silverfish, but because they are so prolific and good at hiding, it can be hard to get all of them in all the places they may be hiding. Your best bet to truly eliminate a silverfish infestation in Illinois is to call a professional. Professional exterminators will help you find where the silverfish are hiding and will make sure to get rid of all of the bugs.

Have you found any silverfish in your house in Illinois? Call us today to see how we can help out. American Pest Control has a solution for different types of pests.