Rodent Pest Control Illinois

Rats, squirrels, chipmunks, mice, and other rodents shouldn’t live in our homes. They cause problems when they come inside. How can you get rid of them? Putting out mouse traps yourself doesn’t always seem to solve the problem.

If you want professional results, you need rodent pest control services. American Pest Control will make sure your rodent problem is gone, and we’ll keep them out of your home and in the woods, where they belong.

Rodent Dangers and Problems

Do rodents seem harmless? Actually, they can be dangerous and damaging, causing a lot of problems in and around your home, including:

  • Property Damage: Rodents can’t ever stop chewing on things, including your walls, insulation, foundation, and electrical wires (which can cause power loss or fire!). They can damage HVAC pipes and grates, compromising your climate control.
  • Loss of Keepsakes: Rodents can rip apart pictures, documents, fabrics, and storage boxes.
  • Food Contamination: Rodents can drop bacteria, viruses, and parasites into your bulk foods, fruits, and vegetables. They can even drop feces into your food and onto your counters.
  • Allergen Movement: Rodents bring extra allergens into your home, along with kicking up the dust and other allergens already there.
  • Transporting Other Pests: Rodents can carry ticks and fleas. Plus, the holes they gnaw can let insects and spiders into your house.
  • Plant Damage: Some rodents can destroy your plants, bulbs, and lawn.

Would you like to avoid having rodents in your house? If you want to keep rodents out for good, use our quarterly pest control service. We’ll send a rodent exterminator to your home on a regular schedule to make sure they can’t come back.

Signs of Rodent Activity

Illinois weather is harsh. Rodents seek out safe, warm places, like the walls of your house. They also want sources of food, like the bulk food in your cupboards or pantry. Our homes, unfortunately, are very attractive to them.

Rodent families love attics, crawl spaces, ducts, and walls. They even make nests in the insulation. They’re most desperate to invade your home during the fall and winter, fleeing from the cold. In the spring, they’ll be busy multiplying in your walls or on your property.

How do you know if rodents have invaded? Search for these signs:

  • Strange, bad new smells wafting out of dark areas of your house
  • Teeth marks on food packages
  • Torn up fabric, paper, or plants, which rodents use for nests
  • New holes in the walls or floor
  • Rodent droppings on the floor, in cupboards, under sinks, and near food
  • Oily markings on walls (from rodent fur)
  • Sounds of running or gnawing

Your pets might also react to rodents in your walls, detecting them when you can’t. They’ll stare at the walls, bark, meow, scratch, and give other signs that they hear or smell rodents.

Call a Trusted Rodent Exterminator

Where are your rodents located? How many are there? We have the answers. If you want quick rodent pest control results, call American Pest Control. We use safe and proven ways of rooting out rodents and keeping them out. You don’t have to fight them alone. Let us help.

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