Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Illinois

Our environmentally friendly integrated pest management strategies keep your surroundings pest-free without the over-application of pesticides throughout your home or business.

How We Stay Green:

  • We employ environmentally friendly “integrated pest management” strategies to reduce the need for pesticides. These include eliminating pests’ access or disrupting their life cycle needs, such as food, water, harborage, and warmth.
  • As part of our reduced chemical application program, pesticides are employed only when previously set “pest threshold” levels are breached; and then in a targeted, precise application.
  • Awarded the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, American Pest Control, Inc.’s Sentricon™ termite baiting system is the first product registered by the EPA under the Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative.
  • American Pest Control, Inc. uses only materials approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and also has botanical and all-natural control materials available.

Amazing But True…

The venom of a black widow spider is 15 times more powerful than rattlesnake venom…but it’s delivered in much smaller doses.

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