Quarterly Pest Control Service Illinois

Houseguests are great, but house pests are not welcome! A quarterly pest control service helps you stay proactive in the fight against insects and rodents, and in controlling other wildlife. As seasons change, so do the pest possibilities in Central Illinois.

Don’t waste your storage space with the arsenal of products and equipment you need to keep pests at bay, let American Pest Control, Inc. do it for you.


After a long Illinois winter, everything comes back to life, including the insects. Pests you will commonly see reemerge in spring are:

With quarterly pest control service, your American Pest Control technician will not only control pests that have already appeared, but will also look for signs of nests or colonies in their beginning stages, and take care of them before they become a problem.


Ah, summer in Central Illinois. Backyard barbecues and cozy campfires, but also ants, mosquitoes, and flies. Your pest control plan will help keep these populations controlled so you get more out of your warm-weather months.


Many insects will burrow into the ground for hibernation, and rodents and other mammals will make nests in trees, but your home can be a lot more inviting. It is not uncommon to see an influx of beetles, spiders, and even crickets. Your pest control plan can help prevent them from entering, and eliminate them if they do.


Your home is your comfort zone, and as the temperatures drop and the snow starts, furry pests think so as well! Mice, squirrels and even raccoons may look at your house as a comfy place to make their nests. Your pest control plan can help with wildlife control by identifying and addressing areas of possible entry.

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Amazing But True…

Mosquitoes cause nearly 2,000,000 human deaths each year….more than any other animal. They do this by transmitting diseases such as malaria, West Nile Virus, and Dengue fever.