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Voles love vegetation. They are sometimes referred to as field mice or meadow mice because of their habit of digging their maze of burrows and tunnels in large open spaces. If they keep to those meadows and fields they aren’t so bad, but if they decide your yard is a better alternative, then it is time for vole pest control in Central Illinois.

Vole or Mole?

Most of the time if you see a furry creature scurrying through your yard, you don’t want to take the time to check out all the detail, but voles are pretty easy to distinguish from moles. Moles will have an elongated pink nose, or sometimes even a star-shaped nose. Their eyes and ears are tiny, but their front feet and claws are large tunnel-digging machines.

Voles are often confused with mice. With their brownish-gray coloring and round ears, they do look like a large mouse. However, voles have noticeable shorter tails than mice. Another similar rodent to voles is the shrew. They both have pointed snouts and short tails, but the best way to tell the difference is by their front feet. Voles have 4 toes and shrews have 5 toes.

Vole Removal In Central Illinois

While voles are still active in the winter, because they do not hibernate, their activity is covered by snow. Once the snow has cleared, contact American Pest Control to have one of our pest control experts assess your situation. There is also wonderful information available through our pest control blog.

With the changing of the seasons comes the changing of the pests that vex us. Quarterly service through American Pest Control can keep your home and family safe and comfortable all year round.

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