A Healthy Home, Year Round with Quarterly Pest Control Service

Keep your home treated year-round through our residential treatment program. Specifically tailored in keeping those unwanted guests away from your home, our year-round treatment is designed around you and keeping your life simple and pest free. Our certified service technicians are specially trained in the latest scientific techniques, preventing future infestations from occurring. Interior and perimeter treatments are provided with flexible scheduling arranged to ensure your satisfaction. Call American Pest Control today to find out more about our year-round program.


  • Three-gallon sprinkling can – our technicians will use extra materials around the foundation during warm months.

  • One-gallon sprayer – our technicians will service the exterior of your home year round.

  • Granular treatment – This will create a wide band around your home to stop pests before they enter.

  • Web-Ster – This simple tool enables us to knock down spider webs before we service your home. This also helps to keep spiders from coming back.

  • Our technicians live within their service areas so they are able to serve your pest control needs fast and efficiently.

Amazing But True...

Mosquitoes cause nearly 2,000,000 human deaths each year....more than any other animal. They do this by transmitting diseases such as malaria, West Nile Virus, and Dengue fever.