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American Pest Control has served Central Illinois and the Peoria metropolitan area for over 65 years. As we have expanded our expert services in greater Peoria, we have built connections with many of the residents of Hanna City.

To get peace of mind from any creepy crawly creature lurking in your home or office building, contact us. American Pest Control knows what is needed to keep your homes and businesses protected. We offer environmentally and high-quality pest control in and around Hanna City, IL.

Types of Pest Control Services Offered in Hanna City, IL

American Pest Control is dedicated to providing every client with the most effective extermination services. Our technicians take a customized approach, dealing with different types of pests in different ways. After we inspect your residence or office, we can develop a more specific treatment plan and begin the extermination process.

Here are some of the many pests and vermin we can target and eliminate:

Not all pests require chemicals or pesticides for removal. Ants, bedbugs, and termites are common problems for Illinois residents. We categorize these creatures based on their priority level and potential risk. Discover the other services we offer your home or business today!


While you may see carpenter ants regularly, taking action is important as they can cause many issues. Ants can contaminate food, spread disease, cause other health issues, and damage your home.

Swarms of ants are unpleasant to deal with and can cause stress to those visiting or using the space. If you see large trails or mounds of ants inside or outside of your home, it may be time to call an exterminator.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are amongst the most unpleasant creatures to find in your home, but you don’t have to deal with them alone. These pesky insects can live for months on end in small crevices.

Extensive infestations call for drastic measures, which our technicians can provide. Bed bugs can produce up to five eggs a day. The offspring can fully mature in as little as two months.


Termites cause structural damage to the wooden foundations of buildings. Since most buildings in Hanna City have wood framing, we recommend regular termite inspections. Look out for winged insects emerging from wood components on your property, discoloration or pin-sized holes on or in the drywall, and hollow-sounding wood when you tap it.

Prevention is the number one priority in reducing the risk of future pest problems and alleviating stress on your end. We’ll talk to you about safe practices for your home or business and how to spot signs of an infestation. Our technicians also provide education about our practices and pest behavior before and after infestations.

Safe Service Done Right

We believe in the importance of safe and effective pest control. Each of our technicians follows our industry’s best practices and uses environmentally friendly pest control products.

We can determine which actions will yield the best results by properly analyzing pest problems and utilizing integrated management strategies. The Environmental Protection Agency promotes our pest products, including our Sentricon™ termite baiting system.

Above all, we believe in delivering results. We recommend clients schedule quarterly checkups to ensure the safety of their commercial or residential properties. You can always contact us to ask questions or learn more about pest control services.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

Jeffrey LeRoyJeffrey LeRoy
13:41 13 Mar 24
Jamison is very thorough and explains what he does and why. He is concerned to our safe way of living without the problems pests might bring.
Dustin DraggistDustin Draggist
22:22 10 Mar 24
Trent JohnsonTrent Johnson
16:01 08 Mar 24
American Pest Control Inc’s Mr. BRoyer is an agent that plays a critical role in maintaining pest-free environments in our Church spaces.
Gordon MeyersGordon Meyers
00:47 08 Mar 24
Keith is always efficient and thorough---asking if there have been any "issues" since his previous visit. He even tries to accommodate my work schedule when setting up appointments.
Samuel ParkerSamuel Parker
19:23 06 Mar 24
Matt is great, incredibly friendly, helpful and professional.
Doug NelsonDoug Nelson
16:12 06 Mar 24
Matt with American Pest is very professional, punctual, and friendly. He does a great job and keeps us informed if he sees anything that may need something additional to keep the pests at bay. Very happy with Matt as our technician.
Clifford MyersClifford Myers
17:22 23 Feb 24
My experience with this company goes back decades. Their technicians are experienced, highly competent, friendly, considerate and a pleasure to have in your home. The job always gets done right, promptly and efficiently, respecting your privacy and needs. They have solved problems with household bugs, spiders, mice and even squirrels in the attic! Outdoor ground bees, paper wasps and bald faced wasps! Matt, our usual guy is just the best in all aspects. This is a locally owned and operated, stable company that is there when you need help. I recommend without hesitation.
21:29 13 Feb 24
It's always a wonderful experience when my technician, Todd, comes. He makes scheduling so easy, is always extremely prompt, and is happy to make helpful preventative recommendations. He is extremely friendly and very thorough- he tailors his applications to exactly what I want. He always makes it clear, that if I need help in between the regularly scheduled visits, he is happy to come back out to deal with any pests that pop up.....not surprisingly, I've never had any!
Paul CoylePaul Coyle
18:30 05 Feb 24
If you’re looking for quality pest control with great customer service, American Pest is the company you want. Our technician is fantastic. He communicates with us about when he is coming so we can be prepared. He even brings a treat for our dogs. The price is great and the service is excellent. We have no issues whatsoever with rodents or bugs. We couldn’t be more pleased. Don’t waste your time shopping around. Call them. You won’t regret it.
Steve DriscollSteve Driscoll
18:46 17 Oct 22
Chris from American Pest has serviced our homes for many years. We have no concerns about mice, bugs or other. Chris is polite, friendly and professional.
John GiglioJohn Giglio
21:26 10 Oct 22
My wife made an appointment with American Pest Control, it was our first time using an exterminator. Chris arrived right on time, explained everything carefully, and answered my questions fully. He was very honest and informative, didn't try to upsell any services or sell me a contract, took his time spraying, and was here quite a while, doing a thorough job. I would be happy to use this business again in the future.
William KellyWilliam Kelly
12:46 13 Sep 22
I have had American Pest Control since 2007 and they have always be responsive and flexible when needed and very courteous and polite.
Kelly RobersonKelly Roberson
21:21 12 Aug 22
Got stung Wednesday night while mowing & found several wasp nests and ground bees. Called American Pest Control Friday morning 8:30am-ish and by 3pm Keith was here spraying. Thanks so much for the speedy service. Much appreciated!
Mary SandersMary Sanders
22:15 11 Aug 22
We had a great experience with Keith. He was prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly. I would highly recommend pest control services.

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