Mole Pest Control Illinois

As a homeowner, your yard can easily become your pride and joy, evidence of all the hours of loving care that you put into your home. Unfortunately, all that time that you spend on your lawn can be wasted if you are unlucky enough to have a mole infestation.

Moles are a particularly destructive variety of pests that can be tricky to identify and difficult to remove. The first step in efficient yard mole removal in Illinois is learning how to identify these pesky creatures.

How To Identify Yard Moles

Moles are strange, ground-dwelling carnivores that feed mainly on insects, grubs, and worms. These pests are roughly the size of a potato. Moles have pointed muzzles, tiny eyes, and wide, flipper-like front paws that they use to quickly make tunnels beneath your property. Moles can be a variety of colors, including black, tan, and brown.

While moles certainly are unique in their looks, you typically won’t get to see one, as they are nocturnal and spend most of their time underground in their tunnels. The only time that they usually venture above ground is when they are searching for a mate.

If you do see one above the surface, that is a fairly big sign that you may have a mole problem.

Tell-Tale Signs of Mole Infestations

While you likely won’t spot the moles directly, there are clear indicators that moles have decided to invade your property. Here are some of the clearest signs that you may need yard mole removal in Illinois.

Mole Holes

Perhaps the clearest sign of moles is the holes that they make in your yard. If your lawn has symmetrical, circular mounds of dirt that resemble little volcanoes, these are likely to be mole holes.

Moles will use these holes as entry and exit ways.

Surface Tunnels

If you have moles on your property, you may experience surface tunnels along with mole holes. The vast majority of their tunnels are underground, but sometimes these tunnels will manifest as approximately 3-inch raised dirt ridges that will sometimes connect the mole holes.

Moles will use these tunnels to feed on grubs and other food.

Yard Damage

Damage to your yard and garden could indicate that moles have arrived. You may also have soil that feels loose, raised, or “squishy.” However, the amount of damage to your yard typically has no bearing on how many moles are actually on your property.

Protect Your Home From Moles

Moles are notoriously difficult to eliminate from your property. If you do have a mole infestation, it’s best to rely on professional mole pest removal in Illinois.

American Pest Control offers a quarterly pest control service that will help make your home safe again. Not only will our technicians be able to remove any current infestation, but we’ll also be able to protect your home year-round from all manner of pests.

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