Cricket Pest Control in Illinois

Illinois just wouldn’t be the same without crickets. The oddly cute musical bug is a local fixture.  Some people love hearing them chirp, especially in the evenings. 

For others, crickets can be a real pest. They can disturb your sleep and keep you up at night. Even worse, a cricket infestation can destroy your garden or farm and even invade your home. 

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Illinois Crickets

Here in Illinois, cricket song conjures up memories of warm summer nights and starry open skies. From late spring to late summer, these bugs can be heard giving free concerts every evening. For those of us who grew up in Illinois, childhood summers and crickets go hand in hand. 

There are nearly 100 different species of crickets that live in the United States. Some of the most common crickets in Illinois are field crickets, house crickets, tree crickets, and camel crickets. Let’s go into a little more detail about each type. 

Field Crickets

Field crickets are usually dark brown or black in color. They are not very big, usually only getting up to about one inch in length. They have large legs for jumping and wings that lay across their back. 

House Crickets

House crickets are light brown or tan in appearance. They are not actually native to North America and probably came from Southern Asia or Europe. House crickets are commonly sold in pet stores as live food for reptiles. 

Tree Crickets

Tree crickets are light green in color. They generally live outdoors in trees and plants. Their bodies are somewhat more slender and angular than field or house crickets. These crickets are exceptionally beautiful singers. 

Camel Crickets

There are many camel crickets, but these crickets generally have small stubby bodies and are wingless. Because they lack wings, camel crickets do not make noise.

Cricket Facts

Here are some interesting facts about crickets that you may not know: 

  • Crickets do not actually sing; they make sounds by rubbing their wings together.
  • Crickets do not have lungs. 
  • In Thailand, locals eat fried crickets as a salty snack to accompany beer. 
  • Male crickets chirp to attract females
  • Most species of crickets weigh less than one gram
  • In China, residents keep crickets as good luck charms.
  • In Brazil, crickets are a sign that wealth is coming your way. 
  • Every species of cricket has a different chirp.
  • Cricket fighting is a popular form of entertainment in China. 
  • Scientists have proven that it is possible to determine the temperature based on the speed at which crickets are chirping.
close up of a brown cricket crawling on the ground

Where Crickets Live

Depending on the species, you will usually find crickets in fields, grass, shrubs, and trees. Crickets are nocturnal, so you may be hard-pressed to find them when the sun is up. 

They’re generally found sleeping in dark, shaded areas such as woodpiles or beneath rocks during daylight hours. Keeping hidden during the day also helps them to avoid predators. 

Crickets survive best in warm climates, which is why you don’t hear them in the winter or early spring. They love temperatures around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Crickets Want to Move In With You

Crickets love warmth, making your home a very desirable location. Crickets may also be attracted to the bright outdoor lighting of your home. They like to feed on human food, dog food, and fabrics. 

Unfortunately, once they find their way in, crickets get themselves into hard-to-reach places that are humid, such as beneath your dishwasher, fridge, or cabinets. If you can hear them chirping, you may know that you have crickets in your house, but assistance from cricket pest control professionals may be necessary to remove them without tearing up your house. 

Crickets may also infiltrate your place of business, especially if it is warm inside and there is food or fabrics for them to feed on. American Pest control offers cricket infestation removal for businesses, too. 

Get Cricket Pest Control

Crickets sure can be cute, but a cricket infestation is not something to take lightly. If crickets are invading your residence and causing a disturbance, don’t hesitate to get help. 

American Pest Control is here to help you with all of your pest control needs. Contact us today for cricket pest control.