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Your home is specifically for you, your family, and your guests. So when pests of any variety enter your abode and disrupt your routine, you need to act quickly to prevent a small inconvenience from becoming a large issue. Be in control of your home and turn to American Pest Control Inc. for qualified residential pest control in Central Illinois. We’ll visit your home, perform an inspection, and provide you with the right services. From residential termite control to home rodent management, we can do it all.

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A Range of Services for Any Problem

Since 1951, our family-owned and operated company has served homeowners in Central Illinois, and the surrounding areas. We want you to feel confident in our skills and expertise, so we’ll do everything in our power to keep you informed during the process and to give you qualified recommendations.

We can manage any home pest problem you have, including termite, bed bug, bird, mosquito, spider, ant, mole, and wildlife infestations.

Don’t hesitate to reach out the second you notice a pest on your property. Fill out our online form to get a free quote on your requested residential pest control service. You can also call us at 800-560-4250 to speak with one of our technicians directly.

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Home Pest Control Services Provided:

Amazing But True…

insects destroy about 25% of food crops each year.

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Stop letting pests run your home and take control of your property. Call American Pest Control for all your pest control and exterminator needs in Central Illinois! We will be sure to eradicate the pests living in your home while maintaining a safe environment for your family.