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Is Monthly Pest Control Necessary for Commercial Businesses? | American Pest Control

May 14, 2020

Is Monthly Pest Control Necessary for Commercial Businesses?   

Many commercial clients have asked us, “Is monthly pest control necessary?” Yes, it definitely is, because bugs and rodents are persistent. They’ll march right back into your building the second that insect repellants lose their effectiveness. Monthly pest control is the best way to guarantee pests won’t be a problem at your facility.

Running a business puts a lot on your plate. With employee salaries to manage, rent payments to make, and supplies to replenish, it can be hard to find time for regular cleaning and maintenance. Then the pests strike, and you have another set of problems to deal with. That’s why American Pest Control is proud to offer a monthly pest control service to our commercial clients, relieving any worry that they’ll find a cockroach under their desks.

Some companies wonder if the cost of monthly pest control is worth it. It may be tempting to try your own remedies for pest control with store-bought sprays, powders, and repellants. These tools, however, contain harmful chemicals that can do damage when not used properly. Plus, you could still receive a fine from a health inspector even after putting all that money and effort into those products.

Employing a top-notch pest control service is like making a good investment. Putting in the effort now to repel bugs, rodents, and other pests before they make their home in your floorboards is much easier than trying to evict a hoard of them later.

The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Pest Control Needs

Our residential services run on a quarterly pest control schedule so we can fight off the different pests that come with each season. And while finding a trail of ants in your living room can be frustrating, it’s not the end of the world—a quick call to American Pest Control can keep those bugs from getting to your cookie jar.

On the other hand, most commercial facilities have a zero-tolerance policy for pests. A trail of ants in a deli’s kitchen could bring a heap of fines from health code violations, putting the business in serious jeopardy. That’s why commercial businesses need to be much more careful with their pest control. Monthly precautionary measures can better ensure their facilities are sanitary.

Which Businesses Need Pest Control?

Although all businesses can benefit from regular pest control, some need it more than others. This is especially true for companies that have face-to-face interactions with customers on a daily basis; monthly pest control is a top priority if you don’t want to scare away valuable customers. The following businesses are particularly prone to attracting meddlesome critters.


Food services are a natural attraction for all kinds of pests. With alluring aromas, food scraps, and a temperature-controlled environment, restaurants can provide a satisfying haven for them. When left unchecked, an infestation can lead to food contamination and dirty workstations, which can incur lawsuits from customers who get sick, fines from health departments, and a negative reputation for the business. In more severe cases, an infestation can lead to temporary or even permanent closure.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are prone to pests for a lot of the same reasons as restaurants. The bigger problem for grocers is that customers interact more directly with the affected food. Fruit flies in the kitchen is one thing, but fruit flies in the produce section is a worse issue. Concerns about the cleanliness of your store and the quality of your food can fuel poor business.


Office productivity can come to a screeching halt if your workers are distracted by orbiting flies or rumors of a mouse in the bathroom. Your employee’s health and safety is your number one priority; there should be no doubt in the safety of their workplace. The perfect work environment is much easier to achieve when the office space is clean and free of pests.

Multi-Unit Housing

A pest problem in a multi-unit home can cause numerous issues. Various critters can pose health risks to tenants, and termites and rodent colonies can cause significant structural damage. Pest control is also hard to manage for apartments and condominiums, as the infestation can easily spread to other homes, fitness centers, and hallways.

Healthcare Facilities

One of the last places you want to have disease-carrying vermin is in a healthcare facility full of at-risk patients. Hospitals also run into the issue of being so large. It’s hard to keep track of every place that may harbor unwanted animal visitors. Since emergency rooms and rehabilitation centers must keep a high standard of sanitation to avoid the spread of bacteria and other contamination, getting a monthly pest control service is imperative.

Hospitality & Lodging

Hotels and other lodging facilities are laser-focused on providing a quality experience for their guests. Even if the sheets are steamed and the fridge is stocked with complimentary snacks, a mattress full of bed bugs will ruin a visit. Hospitality and lodging companies also run into the problem of pests spreading to other rooms. And since the lodging industry relies so heavily on good reviews from customers, a bug problem can easily drop your numbers into the red.


School officials are responsible for the wellbeing of their students, and part of that includes maintaining a sanitary school and keeping students away from potentially harmful chemicals found in certain pesticides. That’s why finding environmentally-friendly options to get rid of pests is the perfect protection for our ecosystem and our children.

Flies, cockroaches, ants, and spiders are all frequent assailants in schools. On a related note, one of the most talked-about infestations in schools is lice. However, head lice problems should be dealt with by a healthcare professional, not by pest control companies.

Keeping Pests Away: How to Conduct Proper Maintenance

Our pest control methods are highly effective, but it’s important for every business to do its part in keeping pests out of their establishments. A poorly kept office can attract all sorts of vermin, no matter what your pest control company does to keep them out.

Make sure trees and bushes are properly trimmed outside of the establishment. That way, insects and animals can’t use them as a bridge to get onto your building. It’s also important to maintain a regular cleaning schedule in your building; many companies outsource this to a building janitor or cleaning company. And while it’s not every employee’s duty to mop the floor or trim the hedges, here are some places to inspect and things everyone can do on a regular basis:

  • Clean individual workspaces
  • Inspect food left in break areas
  • Declutter the storage closet
  • Practice proper hygiene and sanitation
  • Check indoor plants for insects

What American Pest Control Can Do For You

American Pest Control is proud to serve Central Illinois for all of your pest control needs. Our experts will come to your place of business for a monthly inspection and provide you with our best solutions.

Think your business could use a consultation on your pest problem? Contact American Pest Control today to get a quote and learn more about how we can tailor our services to your needs.