Nothing beats the holiday season: spending time with family, exchanging gifts, decorating for the holidays, and the incredible food, not to mention the snowy weather that adds an extra dose of beauty.

But nothing puts a damper on the holidays like a mice infestation or a spider problem. You might think setting a few traps or spraying around problem areas will eliminate the problem, but that’s only a temporary fix. Or you might think the problem will resolve itself once spring comes. But pests are sneaky, resilient, and resourceful creatures. Their number one instinct is to survive and with every change of season, new problems arise.

Year-round pest control is the only way you can keep your home totally pest-free—especially during the holidays. American Pest Control offers Illinois residents quarterly service plans to keep rodents, spiders, wasps, hornets, and more out of your home year-round. That way you can enjoy your holiday season without worrying about pests.


There are plenty of benefits of year-round pest control from American Pest Control. These include:

  • A pest-free home: Purchasing an annual service contract means you never have to deal with pests. Your home stays protected from seasonal pests throughout the entire year. Your service provider will make a few visits to your home throughout the year and apply regular treatment to keep pests out of your home. That means you don’t have to worry about finding mice or rat nests in your storage room, sweeping up dead spiders, or dealing with ants in your garage.
  • Using less pesticide: You might think that having an annual pest control plan would mean using more pesticides. That’s actually false. A pest control specialist who regularly comes to your home will work to keep pests out in the first place. After they’ve eliminated the pests from the inside of your home, they’ll rarely have to use pesticides again. They’ll focus on maintaining the exterior barrier during each visit.
  • Easy access to pest control: If you suddenly encounter a pest problem, you can easily get in touch with a pest control provider. Your provider can then come out, take care of the problem, and that’s that.
  • Saving money: Purchasing an annual pest control service can actually save you money. Without year-round pest control, you may have to pay for multiple visits during each season. That can quickly get expensive.


Illinois experiences a variety of extreme weather patterns. From hot, humid summers to frigid temperatures and snow—we see it all. Each change in the weather brings with it a variety of pests that need to be treated. Here are a few of the pests that come with each season:

  • Spring: Common spring pests include wasps, hornets, termites, ants, and flies. With year-round pest control, we’ll keep existing bugs out of your home and eliminate any nests or eggs around your property.
  • Summer: Summer heat brings an increase of ants, mosquitoes, and flies. We’ll keep these populations controlled so you can enjoy the summer weather.
  • Fall: Once the temperatures start dropping, many insects go underground for the winter. But rodents, beetles, spiders, and even crickets will make their nests inside your home. Annual pest control keeps them from entering your home at all.
  • Winter: As the holidays roll around again, you might see an increase of mice, squirrels, and even raccoons around your home. Stop them from using your home as a nesting ground with annual pest control.


Don’t let the best time of the year get spoiled by pests. Take control of your home with American Pest Control’s quarterly service plans. As the holiday season approaches, you can be confident your home is completely protected from pests and rodents.

To keep your holidays merry, contact a technician from American Pest Control today. We’re happy to review our service areas, prices, and year-round pest control plans with you. Get in touch with us today!

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