Spider Pest Control in Central Illinois

Having a spider infestation in your home can be frustrating, scary, and dangerous. There’s just nothing positive about them living indoors. They should be outside eating other pests. That’s where they belong.

If you’re seeing a lot of spiders in your Illinois home, you need a spider pest control service. American Pest Control uses effective and safe (for you) ways of killing spiders quickly and stopping more from coming in. We even have quarterly pest control services to maintain your newfound freedom from spiders.

Types of Spiders in Central Illinois

In Central Illinois, we have a lot of outdoor spiders, along with several types that tend to hang out indoors whenever they can. Many of them are not dangerous, but some of them can bite us:

  • Black Widows: Black widow venom can cause sweating, muscle cramps, vomiting, and pain. It rarely kills a person, but it can kill a cat!
  • Brown Recluse: Recluse bites cause itching, pain, sores, and tissue death. But the brown recluse is actually very uncommon in Central Illinois. Most brown spiders you see won’t be venomous.

Our other types of indoor spiders usually don’t bite and don’t have venom. We have cellar spiders (AKA daddy long legs), sac spiders, and other types of cobweb spiders besides black widows. Plus, we have lots of outdoor spiders that wander indoors sometimes.

Even the non-venomous spiders are pests when they’re in your home, though. They leave their webs everywhere. They breed and multiply in dark places. They run around on your beds. They hang out on lights, toilets, and window frames. You don’t like sharing space with them!

How to Fight Spiders

Spiders like our homes because Illinois gets cold. They want to stay warm and to hunt for food, and their food is actually other pests, like flies.

That’s why the first thing to do to fight a spider infestation is to clean up your house. Of course, everyone has a messy house now and then. This is just a step that we know will help. Here’s what you can do:

  • Look for cobwebs both in highly visible areas and in hidden areas. Knock them down with a broom, or suck them up with a vacuum hose.
  • Find places where spiders prey, like where flies breed. Check for standing water, old food, crumbs, and mold. Clean it up. That’ll cut off the spiders’ food supply.
  • Wearing gloves, clean out old things you have stored in dark places. Don’t give spiders ways to hide.
  • In your yard, move any spider hiding places away from your walls. That’s woodpiles, grass clippings, leaf piles, and other dark, moist places.
  • Seal holes in your walls and gaps around your windows and doors.

If you want help with spider pest control, we can do all this and much more for you. Contact American Pest Control to get rid of your spider infestation and enjoy your own house again.

Spider Prevention

Spiders will always try to crawl back into your home during the autumn and winter to get away from the cold Illinois weather. Then, they’ll burst into frenetic activity in the spring again.

That’s why you need a quarterly pest control service that combats pests regularly throughout the year. It’s easy to forget about spiders until you see one running across your pillow. But we don’t forget. Our spider pest control experts are always vigilant so you don’t have to think about spiders.

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