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How To Get Rid Of An Ant Infestation In Your House [From The Experts]

April 6, 2021

No one wants to find ants or other pests crawling around inside their homes. Unfortunately, it does happen to the best of us on occasion. If you’ve spotted a few ants in your home and suspect you may have an ant infestation, you may need help from a professional. Use the information below to learn how to get rid of an ant infestation on your own, and when to call a professional pest control company.

Why Are Ants Suddenly in My House?

Ants are constantly looking for places with access to food and water and where they can build nests. If you’ve never had a problem with ants in the past and suddenly find them parading through your home, consider whether something has changed:

  • Did you get a pet? 
  • Did your children get old enough to start leaving food and candy lying around? 
  • Could there be a gap or crack somewhere providing access?
  • Do you have a leaky pipe?
  • Are your trash cans closer to your home than they used to be?
  • Is there wet soil in your yard?

What Attracts Ants in the House?

An ant infestation in the house could be caused by a variety of reasons, so if the reason is unclear, it’s time to do some investigating.


When ants look for a place to nest, they search out spots that are near water, where they will have what they need to sustain the colony. Check the outside of your home for leaks or pooling from sprinklers, dripping faucets, or wet dirt or wood. 


Another thing ants look for is a source of food. Make sure to store all your food in airtight containers and clean up spills right away. Sweep and mop your floors frequently and wipe cabinet shelves regularly to make sure there are no crumbs. 


If you have pets, make sure their food does not spill onto the floor and stay there for a prolonged period of time. Use a mat under food and water bowls and wash them often. You’ll also want to store their food in sealable containers.


Ants also spend a significant amount of their time ensuring the colony has a safe space to live. If your foundation, windows, exterior walls, eaves, or doors have cracks or holes, you may be letting in an ant infestation or other pests.

How Can You Tell Where Ants Are Coming From?

Ideally, you will be able to tell where the ants are coming from by simply following their trail. However, if no path is visible, check the perimeter of your home for nests. They are likely to be built along the edges of concrete or your foundation, such as along the side of the garage or basement. From there, they will find cracks in basement walls, floors, windows, and doors that provide access to your home.

Where Do Ants Nest in Houses?

Many ants are simply a nuisance. However, carpenter ants may build nests in your home and can cause serious problems. They look for areas with plenty of wood and can cause expensive structural damage to your home. Check beams, eaves, and walls for holes, cracks, or ants, and call a professional pest control specialist if you have concerns.

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